Why is My A/C Running Constantly?

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Why is My A/C Running Constantly?

Morning, noon, and night it’s running, and you want to know why. We’re talking about your air conditioner. Generally speaking, it’s not a good sign. Typically, your A/C should run for about 15 minutes during a typical cooling cycle. If it’s running 30 minutes or even an hour, the long run, is not normal.

Why it’s a problem

Builder’s Heating & Air Conditioning wants you to know, when the A/C is running for a long time it’s wasting energy. And no one likes that, especially when you open the electric bills during the hot summer months. Long runs also put undue stress on the components leading to breakdowns and premature A/C replacements.

6 Possible Reasons

Improper sizing

It’s not unlike “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” this one is too large, this one is too small, but THIS one is just right. If the A/C is too large it won’t run long enough to remove humidity making your home uncomfortable. If the air conditioner is too small for your house, no amount of A/C maintenance or repair is going to help. In both cases, the best choice is likely to install a new properly sized unit in your Denver, Colorado home. 

The air conditioner is getting old

If you are a sports fan you’ve likely heard the saying, “Father Time is undefeated.” The same thing is true for your air conditioner. As components wear out, the unit is less efficient. The result is a real catch 22 because now the A/C runs longer, and the aging process speeds up.

A leaky home and ducts

Long runs by your A/C aren’t always the result of a problem in the unit. They can also be caused by hot air coming into the house because of leaky doors and windows. Or conditioned air escaping from leaky ductwork before it even gets to the living areas of your house.

Dirty cooling coils

If you have neglected HVAC maintenance resulting in dirty cooling coils, the A/C must work much harder to remove hot air from the home. It’s why regular A/C maintenance by the experts from Builder’s is so important.

Be realistic

When the outside temperature is 95℉ and you turn the thermostat down to 65℉, your air conditioner is going to run for a long time. Most experts say a thermostat setting of 75 to 78℉ is the best compromise between comfort and energy use.

Man, it’s hot today

There are limits to what an air conditioner can do. If you only notice the long runs by your A/C when it’s extremely hot outside, then you may not have a problem at all. If the operation seems to return to normal when the weather cools, you’re probably okay.

Builder’s is Here to Help

If you are worried about long runs by your A/C, our experts can find out why. After inspecting and testing your system, we will sit down with you and explain the options. If an A/C replacement is the best choice because of age or an improperly sized unit, we will tell you why we believe that’s the correct choice. The final decision is always yours to make. For more great information like this be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.