When Do You Need Central Air Conditioning Maintenance?

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When Do You Need Central Air Conditioning Maintenance?

If you don’t keep your AC properly maintained, it won’t cool properly, it will cost you more money to run, and it will eventually wear out sooner (costing you thousands of dollars to replace). With regular service and maintenance calls, you will be able to avoid almost all problems before they become serious. But how can you know if your air conditioning needs repairs or maintenance? Here are a few things you can look (or in some cases, listen) for.


Setting your thermostat to a moderate temperature (such as 72) and leaving it there throughout the day and night will help save energy, money, and wear on your cooling system. You might think that it is better to turn your cooler off while nobody is home and turn it back on when you return. It takes more energy to cool a very hot house than it does to keep on comfortable.

If you set your AC for a specific temperature and leave it there, you will become familiar with when it comes on and how often it needs to operate. But if you notice that your AC stays on longer than normal, it might need to be serviced. While warm summer days will make your Denver home harder to cool, if the change is dramatic and seemingly unwarranted, that’s a good indication that something is wrong.


If you have used your AC more than a few times, you are probably well aware of what it sounds like when it starts, operates, and stops. The sounds can become so common that you will eventually not be able to notice them. But if you suddenly realize your AC is making an awful racket, an unusual noise, or anything else that catches your attention, it’s probably the result of a problem that a professional should look at.


If you pay attention to your power bills, you should have a good idea about how much your cooler costs to run. If you notice a spike in your bills, that’s an indication that you need to have your cooler looked at by a professional.