When are Mini-Split Systems the Right Choice?

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When are Mini-Split Systems the Right Choice?

There are many choices to heat and cool your Denver, CO home. The vast majority use forced air systems with a furnace AND air conditioner or an air source heat pump that does both. Builder’s Heating & Air Conditioning is often asked when mini split systems are the right choice.

Exactly what are they?

Let’s make sure everyone knows how mini split systems are different. They use the same technology as the forced air heat pumps we mentioned but they are not a central system. A single outdoor compressor can be connected to multiple indoor air handlers which deliver conditioned air directly to a room or area in the house. In other words, there’s no ductwork which makes mini split systems easy to install.

When mini splits are a no-brainer

There are some heating and cooling situations that just call out for the use of ductless mini splits. Let’s say your home has a radiant heating system, then mini splits are the perfect way to add air conditioning without having to install ductwork. If you’ve added a bonus room or a sunroom not connected to your central system, mini splits can provide cooling during the summer and heating during the winter.

Energy efficiency advantages

A mini split system will almost always be more efficient. It makes sense when you think about it. The ductwork in central systems wastes at least some of the conditioned air, sometimes as much as 30%. You know what that means, higher utility bills. Because mini splits deliver cool or warm air to a specific area, there’s no waste. Additionally, each air handler has its own thermostat for custom temperature control which can also increase energy efficiency.

Not always the best choice

If your home already has a central system with ductwork installed, then it almost always makes sense to stay with a central system. Mini split systems have historically not been used for whole-house heating and cooling but that is changing as the technology has improved. All heat pumps are less effective at heating as the outside temperature drops. Since we have cold winters that should also be a factor in your final decision.

Waiting for your call

Builder’s Heating & Air Conditioning will be happy to help you determine if mini split systems are right for your Denver, CO home.