What's the Best AC Temperature to Maintain in Hot Weather?

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What's the Best AC Temperature to Maintain in Hot Weather?

Staying cool in the summer is something that a lot of people focus on when the sun starts beating down. Here at Builder’s Heating & Air Conditioning, we get asked a lot about the ideal temperature to set the thermostat to during these hot months. If that is something you have ever wondered about, then you have come to the right place.

Studies have shown that the most comfortable temperature for most bodies in this country is 70 degrees Fahrenheit. That being said, some people find this too cold in the summer, and others find it a bit on the warm side. The idea temperature for your air conditioning in Denver will depend largely on you and your family.

To help you find the best temperature for your thermostat, we suggest setting the device at the average 70 degrees. Let the air run and get things to this level, and then wait a couple of hours. Take a minute to see how your body feels. Talk to your family members, and find out how you are all faring in this temperature.

If, after a little bit, you find that you want to change the temperature, then you can do so. Don’t change it too much at one time, however. Each degree will bring a much larger change than you probably anticipate. Try moving it up or down a couple of degrees at a time. Once you have found your magic number, you can set the thermostat and keep it there.

When you find the right temperature for you and your family, keeping it there will be a lot easier. The lack of moving the temps up and down all the time will save money on your utility bill, and can also be an important part of protecting the environment. The process will not just be making everyone in your house a little more comfortable, it will also be an environmentally friendly thing for you to do.