What Is Central Air Conditioning?

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air conditioning unitAir conditioning is a valuable luxury during the hot Colorado summers. In past years, swamp coolers were a popular choice for cooling the air. However, this method of cooling was not very effective on humid days. Today, central air conditioners work in a manner that allows your home to stay cool no matter what the humidity level is outside your home. Here are the basics of central air conditioning and how it works.


A central air system has many different components that work together to provide your home with cool air. An air conditioning unit outside your home contains a compressor to compress a coolant. Coils are located in the home, usually on the furnace. These coils help extract heat from the coolant as it moves through the coils. The cool air is then delivered throughout the home through a series of ducts. The temperature is controlled using a central thermostat.

Dehumidifying and Cooling

Central air systems cool the air by removing moisture and heat from the home, similar to the process used in a smaller window unit. Hot air is transferred from inside the home to the air conditioning unit via the refrigerant that moves through the coils. The liquid refrigerant absorbs heat and is then transferred to the compressor where it changes to a gas. This vapor goes to the condenser, where the heat and excess moisture can be released outside the home. The now cool air is pumped back into the home. The vapor then condenses back into a liquid so that it can return to the coils and absorb more heat to repeat the cycle.

Benefits of Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning makes it easy to keep your entire home comfortable since the temperature is controlled by a thermostat. Even in humid conditions, the relative humidity inside your home will remain stable. In addition, the system uses filters that help keep the air free from particles and dirt. Also, since the compressor is located outside, the system is much quieter than evaporative and window unit coolers.