Vacation Preparations Should Include Your Home

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Vacation Preparations Should Include Your Home

Meet Dennis, Sara and their children Mallory and Jessica. After a year of intense planning, they are leaving their home located in Denver for a two-week trip to see Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks.

Dennis can’t wait to try out his new fly rod and do a little trout fishing.

Sara isn’t much for fishing, but loves hiking and seeing the mountain wildflowers.

Mallory can’t wait to splash in the hotel pool with her new pink inner tube.

Jessica loves horses and wants to go on a trail ride in the backcountry.

It all sounds wonderful, doesn’t it! While the family is off enjoying their spectacular vacation, their house is getting a vacation too. With no one around, bad things can happen without some preventative steps. Luckily, they knew a great HVAC company called Builder’s Heating & Air Conditioning that gave them some HVAC tips to ensure peace of mind that the house will be in good shape when they return.

Here are three key recommendations:

  • Buy a programmable thermostat, or use the one you have:
    This is the perfect high-tech device when it comes to leaving your home behind. You do not want to shut the air conditioning off. The house gets too hot. The heat could even damage your wood floors.Just set your programmable thermostat to maintain a constant, energy saving temperature while you’re gone. A good range is from 78 to 82 degrees.

    Turn it into a wireless thermostat by connecting to your Wi-Fi. Then you can use your smartphone to start cooling the house to a more comfortable temperature before you get home. Builders features programmable thermostats from some of the leading manufacturers.

  • Air conditioning tune-up:
    The last thing you want to happen is for your air conditioner to simply stop working while you are gone. The temperature in your empty house could quickly climb so high it could affect houseplants or the pet fish.The best way to prevent a damaging breakdown is with an AC tune-up before you leave, by an expert Builder’s technician. Study after study shows increased efficiency and a longer life thanks to routine maintenance for heating and cooling systems.

    The worry-free way to make that happen is by joining Builder’s Energy Savings Plan. For just a dollar a day you will receive annual tune-ups on your heating and cooling systems. Talk with our comfort specialists about other benefits the plan includes.

  • Surge protection:
    We don’t have to tell you how dangerous Colorado’s summer thunderstorms can be. One lightning strike can do thousands of dollars in damage.Talk with Builder’s about installing surge protection for your HVAC systems. It will help you rest easy while you’re relaxing along a rushing stream, as well as when you return home.

Don’t take a chance gamble with your home while you’re on vacation. Let Builder’s Heating & Air Conditioning make that hard-earned vacation truly worry-free.