Understanding the Importance of AC Tune-Ups

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Understanding the Importance of AC Tune-Ups

How many times have conversations like these ended badly?

  • “Honey, should we take the lawn mower in for a tune-up before the mowing season starts?” “Nah, I don’t see why we should. It worked fine last year.”
  • “Bill, are you sure you want to wear those pants to the party? They look like they’re about ready to split out.” “What are you talking about? I’ve only had these for 5 years, and they are my favorite pants.”
  • “Dear, why don’t you wait to do laundry so I can change the hoses on the washing machine?” “Oh, you worry too much Jim. We’ve only had the washer for 10 years. Those hoses look fine to me.”

You know the moral of this story—it’s easy to put off maintenance or replacement when there is nothing obviously wrong, but it almost never pays off in the long run.

Builder’s Heating & Air Conditioning wants to remind you the same thing is true when it comes to your air conditioner. There are a lot of very good reasons to have regular HVAC tune-ups and we can break them down into three basic categories:

Reliability and Comfort

Maintenance is the best way to prevent unexpected breakdowns. An expert technician can check your system for any developing problems and take care of any normal wear and tear. When problems are caught early it almost always costs less money to fix the problem. And you don’t get stuck in a hot and humid house when the A/C breaks down during the hottest days of the year.

Reduce Monthly Bills

When an air conditioner goes without maintenance it loses efficiency. As a result, it has to run longer and work harder to keep your home cool. This causes high blood pressure when you open the power bill each month. Regular tune-ups will keep the air conditioner operating at peak efficiency as it cools your Denver, Colorado home.

Longer Life

We don’t have to tell you; heating and cooling systems are a big investment. Regular HVAC maintenance is the best way to make sure you get your money’s worth. A poorly maintained air conditioner might need to be replaced in just a handful of years. With proper maintenance, a system might exceed the normal lifespan of 10 to 15 years. The math is clear, the best way to get a return on your investment is to limit wear and tear through regular HVAC tune-ups.

The hot weather is coming so don’t wait. Call Builder’s Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule your cooling system maintenance. We’ve been keeping Denver and the suburbs comfortable since 1950. Follow us on Facebook for more great information year-round.