Smart Vents vs. Zoning: Which is Best?

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Smart Vents vs. Zoning: Which is Best?

It’s a problem many Denver, CO homeowners must deal with: Hot and cold spots. Perhaps you’ve heard about something called smart vents to be used in conjunction with your heating and cooling systems. While Builder’s Heating & Air Conditioning is very much on the cutting edge of zoning and controls technology, there are some very real concerns about using smart vents as a zoning solution.

So, what is zoning?

The best way to describe it is directing conditioned air to the areas that need it most to maintain a consistently comfortable temperature in every room or area of a house. An old fashioned solution was to close a vent to a room that wasn’t being used so more heating or cooling could be directed elsewhere. It turns out that wasn’t a good idea because the change in airflow actually makes your HVAC system less efficient.

How do smart vents work?

They are high-tech because they use sensors to detect when a room is being used. However, the result is just the same as the old-fashioned method. The sensors close the vent when it’s determined there is no one in the room or area it’s monitoring. Whatever the method, the smart vents are still shutting off airflow and reducing heating & cooling efficiency.

So, what’s the solution?

Builder’s prefer another version of zoning and controls to eliminate hot and cold spots. It’s a contractor approved system using dampers and thermostats. In plain language, it allows independent control of temperatures throughout the home. The airflow problem is resolved by using bypass dampers that eliminate the pressure buildup that occurs when vents are closed. This prevents a loss of efficiency and damage to the heating and cooling systems.

It’ still a smart system

The zoning and controls Builder’s are advocating includes a variety of smart products:

  • Automated zone dampers
  • Wireless control of components
  • Smart thermostats in each zone

This allows the homeowner all the technological advantages while creating a more practical and functional zoning system for your home.

We’re here to help

If you have any more questions about zoning controls in your home or other ways to solve the problem of uneven heating and cooling, call Builder’s Heating & Air conditioning. Keeping Denver, CO and its suburbs comfortable since 1950. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook for more great information like this.