Signs of Wear and Tear on HVAC

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Signs of Wear and Tear on HVAC

Occurs naturally as a result of normal aging.

Assumed to occur even when an item is used correctly.

Parts that are designed to wear inside a machine are intended to be replaced.

Those are some of the key phrases you will find when you look up the term ‘wear and tear’ online. Builder’s Heating & Air Conditioning wants to talk a bit about how this applies to the heating and cooling systems in your Denver, CO home. Here are a few symptoms indicating your HVAC equipment may be suffering from wear and tear.

Responding slowly

Some lag time is normal when you change the temperature setting, but if it takes longer than a couple minutes for a response then you may need a cooling or heating system repair. Remember, a system that turns on and off frequently wears out sooner, so it’s a good idea to maintain a small temperature range.

Difficulty maintaining set temperature

Over time every system has to work harder to maintain the same setting. You can slow the process with regular maintenance, but it’s still going to happen naturally. If you’ve reached the point where wear and tear is causing your system to run constantly to maintain the desired temperature, a repair or replacement is likely in order.

Unusually high utility bills

If your HVAC systems are in good shape your energy bills should be fairly consistent, barring extreme weather events. If you notice spikes in energy use it’s a pretty good sign something is wrong, and wear and tear is a likely culprit. Carefully tracking your bills and energy use each month and comparing them to the same month of the previous year should give you a snapshot of what’s going on. If you find abnormal trends, you may need a cooling or heating system repair.

The nose knows

Don’t ignore unusual odors that seem to be coming from your heating or cooling system. A strong smell can be a sign something is wrong. Depending on what’s causing it, it could threaten your safety. Our recommendation is to call in a professional technician from Builder’s if the smell doesn’t go away in about 15 or 20 minutes.

Uneven distribution of conditioned air

If you have rooms that are too hot or too cold, it’s a sign your HVAC systems are no longer operating at peak efficiency and can’t deliver the conditioned air to all areas of your Denver, CO home. When the air isn’t moving through the ducts like it should, there’s a good chance the problem is wear and tear on your system. Duct problems could also be at fault. Either way, it takes a trained technician to diagnose and fix the problem.

There is a solution

We’ve already indicated wear and tear is the result of normal use and there’s virtually no way to stop it. What you can do is schedule regular maintenance in the spring before the start of the cooling season, and again in the fall before the cold weather hits. A Builder’s technician can identify wear and tear problems before you experience the symptoms we just talked about. Repairing or replacing worn parts can help keep your home more comfortable during winter storms and summer heat waves.