R22 - a.k.a Freon(R) Phaseout Good Time for Replacement

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R22 - a.k.a Freon(R) Phaseout Good Time for Replacement

As one of the most environmentally aware major cities in the country, many in Denver know about the danger posed by Freon-based refrigerants. What you may not have heard about is how crazy the stories are getting regarding the phase-out of the R-22 refrigerant.

Builder’s Heating & Air Conditioning wants to be sure everyone knows what’s going on. Scientists developed a group of products using Freon in the late 1920’s. They fueled the explosion of refrigeration and air conditioners. But since the 1970’s, there have been warnings about the damage Freon is doing to the environment.

Starting in 2020, we will no longer be able to use R-22 Freon to repair existing equipment. Already there is a shortage, and the R-22 price is skyrocketing and is expected to keep going up. Even thieves are taking note of what’s going on. Recently, more than $20,000 worth of the refrigerant was stolen from a supply company.

The situation makes for a tough decision for homeowners. Is it wise to continue repairing and maintaining your old AC unit that uses R-22? Adding the refrigerant is going to continue to get more expensive. Just as importantly, leaking Freon damages the ozone layer in the atmosphere.

Builder’s believes now is a good time to talk with our comfort specialists about whether it makes more sense to invest in R-22 replacement with a new AC system.

These are some factors pointing toward air conditioner replacement:

  • Frequent repairs on current unit (especially costly ones)
  • Monthly utility bills going up for no apparent reason
  • House not cooling properly

We know 2020 sounds like it’s a long time from now. It’s not. The issue is not going away. Trust Builder’s Heating & Air Conditioning to give you the information you need to deal with the R-22 phase-out.

If you choose replacement our comfort specialists will help find the best AC for your needs and budget. An efficient new air conditioner without ozone damaging R-22 can be a win-win situation.

If the decision is to continue using your old AC for a while longer, know you can depend on your Builder’s Heating & Air Conditioning technicians. They are always here for your service, repair, and maintenance needs.