Protect Your Air Conditioner Against Cottonwood Attack

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Protect Your Air Conditioner Against Cottonwood Attack

Builder’s Heating & Air Conditioning wants to share a story of yearly air conditioning attacks. These are homegrown invaders. In fact, they may be in your backyard.

These criminals have no regard for innocent AC condensers. They do not discriminate, attacking EverRest, Amana & Mitsubishi anytime and anywhere.

Oh, their weapons look innocent enough, white and fluffy, but they can deal a fatal blow costing you thousands of dollars.

The attacks usually happen in June, but the timing can vary. Builder’s wants you to be prepared and know how to fight back.

You know this perpetrator as the cottonwood tree, and the weapon of choice is the cottony seeds floating through the air. Do not be deceived. They have killed many air conditioning systems by ruthlessly clogging the cooling fins. If you wait too long, the lack of air circulation can mean death by strangulation.

You can call in Builder’s for a post-mortem, but by that time it’s too late. The assailants have won.

You have the power and the means to stop the attack, but you must act quickly:

  • When you see the assault on your condenser has started get your garden hose
  • Gently spray the outside of your unit
  • Do not use a high-pressure nozzle or a pressure washer
  • A high-power stream of water could damage the condenser

Remember, they are relentless. You must be vigilant for an all-out counter-attack a day or two later. Do not let your guard down. Cottonwood trees have been around for centuries. They are survivors with a relentless mission to spread their seed everywhere.

Whatever you do, do not allow the attackers into your home. They could target you causing an allergic reaction. If you, or someone else in the family, is allergic to cottonwood, call Builder’s to talk about how we can add filtration to keep the infidels at bay.

The attack on your innocent air conditioner may inspire a severe dislike for the cottonwood tree. Fight the urge to launch an all-out assault with your chain saw. Despite the seasonal attacks, cottonwoods serve a purpose as a fast-growing shade tree. They also played an important role in the history of the plains and western states.

The defense of your air conditioner against these trees may be something you have to do on your own, but Builder’s Heating & Air Conditioning wants you to know you are never alone. We’ve been solving HVAC problems for the people of Denver and the suburbs since 1950.