Make Sure Your Vents Can Handle the Heat

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Make Sure Your Vents Can Handle the Heat

All it takes is being in a house one time with an improperly vented fireplace or woodstove, and you will quickly understand the importance of venting when it comes to indoor air quality in your Denver home. Watering eyes and coughing are the likely result as the room fills with smoke.

Venting has been a problem ever since man first started burning fuel to stay warm. We immediately understood the unpleasant conditions when smoke was allowed to accumulate. Man first selected caves, then built shelters, that allowed for the escape of all the smoke and other byproducts of burning fuel.

Things are much different in the modern world, but a proper venting system is still vital to safe and efficient furnace operation. In fact, venting is more complicated today even though we are burning cleaner fuels like natural gas or propane. The old days of a galvanized pipe vented into a chimney are fading away.

As furnace efficiencies increase (98% efficiency isn’t uncommon), requirements for “special venting” are now common. Builder’s Heating & Air Conditioning wants to assure you all of our technicians are fully trained on the rapidly changing venting codes to make sure your residential HVAC work in Denver is of the highest quality.

Our people understand a gas appliance is only as good as the venting system that the furnace, boiler, or water heater is connected to. Poor venting can cause improper combustion, which will waste fuel and money. More importantly, venting problems can result in the flue gases leaking into heated spaces, causing deadly carbon monoxide poisoning.

The point we’re trying to make is proper venting is not a simple process. It requires an HVAC technician to follow a very specific set of instructions and guidelines. If someone is working in your home and doesn’t seem to be doing that, it is cause for concern.

Just one more reason to make sure you choose a reputable contractor like Builders, call now. Our team is NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certified. They are undergoing continual training on the equipment they install and service. Just one more way we have been keeping Denver and the suburbs comfortable (AND SAFE) since 1950.