It’s Time to Focus on the Basics

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It’s Time to Focus on the Basics

The calendar has a natural ebb and flow to it. The new life of spring. The long daylight hours of summer. Which now give way to back to school days. Thousands of teachers are going to be delivering the same message. Whatever the age group, those teachers will start the school year by getting back to basics. Quizzing the students to see how much of last year’s learning they retained.

Builder’s Heating & Air Conditioning, your favorite Denver A/C contractor, reminds homeowners they should also get back to basics. Back to school time is a great time to take care of things like a late season air conditioning tune-up, get ahead of the game by scheduling your pre-season furnace maintenance, and make sure you don’t have any indoor air quality problems. Air quality problems can be made worse when the kids are back in school and bringing home all sorts of bacteria and viruses. Improving your IAQ is one of the most effective fall allergy remedies.

Just like students often forget things like books, homework assignments, or studying for the big test; homeowners often forget some of the mundane details of things like changing batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors or replacing your HVAC filters. Why not use the back to school season as a reminder to take care of the basics?

If you’re not comfortable doing those basics yourself, you should consider signing up for Builder’s Energy Savings Plan. For just a dollar-a-day our licensed technicians will come to your home and handle things like tune-ups, routine maintenance, and carbon monoxide safety, along with many other benefits included in the plan. The best thing is you don’t have to remember to do it yourself. We will call you and make the appointment.

So, when the children go out the door for the first day of school, go ahead and grab your spouse and celebrate by going out to breakfast or just enjoy the peace and quiet in the house. But then remember, it’s also time for you to get back to basics and Builder’s Heating & Air Conditioning is always here to help. And make sure to like or follow us on Facebook. It’s a great way to be informed about any specials when it’s time to replace your heating or cooling system.