Home Safety & Accessories

Home Safety & Accessories

PHCC Pro Series Water Alarm

Minimize the risk of water damage in your home. This easy to use water alarm will alert you to the risk of water leaking before it becomes a major problem in your home. Alarm will sound up to three days.

Duct Smoke Detector

This duct smoke detector is designed to prevent the re-circulation of smoke through your ducts by shutting off fans and blower motors, in the event of a fire in your home.

Air Advice Indoor Air Quality Testing

Provides an in-depth report on the indoor air quality of your home. Measures carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, temperature, particle allergens, humidity, and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) in your home.

Permatron Hail Guard Protection

This guard is a rigid polyester netting used to protect your condenser. Lightweight and easily cleaned, the netting is used to deflect airborne objects and debris such as hail which can cause severe damage.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Each year unintentional carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning is estimated to cause approximately 2100 deaths in the United States. Protect yourself and your family with a CO Experts Carbon Monoxide Detector. Compared to over-the-counter CO detectors that start measuring at 70 ppm, this CO monitor will read accurately down to 7 ppm providing a substantial increase in the protection of your family from low level carbon monoxide poisoning. It will display constant readings from 7 ppm to 100 ppm, and an “EXIT IMMEDIATELY WARNING” at 70 and 100 ppm, plus update the visual reading every 5 seconds. Many other carbon monoxide alarms only sample the air every 2.5 minutes, allowing high levels of CO to circulate through your home before you know it.


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