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You knew your home’s air conditioner would not last forever and unfortunately, it is about to prove you right. It has not been cooling your home the way it should be, and the visits by the repairman are becoming more frequent.

The writing is on the wall … it’s time to replace your old system.

OK, you have made the decision and called your friends at Builder’s Heating & Air Conditioning. An appointment has been scheduled with one of our specialists to determine what kind of system you need, and how much it is going to cost. You want to be prepared to ask the right questions and get the right information because this is a big budget item. You want to get it right.

First off, don’t fret too much. Builder’s has been installing and repairing HVAC systems in the Denver area since 1950, so we are the best at what we do. We have installed every type of system, in just about every situation imaginable and we understand the importance of installation. We pledge to install just the right system for your home and will explain to you why it is the best fit to meet your needs.

So, here is what to expect when our licensed professionals come to your home to visit with you about your air conditioning installation estimate:

  1. Home tour. We want to get to know your home and all of its characteristics. How big is it? Do some rooms cool better than others? How many windows and which way are they facing? These are important details.
  2. What is your family’s lifestyle? How cool do you normally like to keep your home in the summer. Does anyone in your family suffer from allergies or other health problems connected to air quality?
  3. Needs assessment. After our professionals visit with you and inspect your home, we will determine which kind and size of system we think your home needs and why. We will offer you many options and models, including EverRest, Trane, and Lennox. We will recommend system size, efficiency and price, then help you determine which system is best for your cooling needs.
  4. Estimate. Based on all the information we have gathered and analyzed, we will put together a custom estimate for your new system installation. Investment will be explained, and flexible payment options available will be discussed for your convenience.

We will be happy to answer any questions so that you completely understand why we recommend a particular system for your home. From our experience, here are some questions you should ask of any HVAC contractor who is providing an estimate:

  1. What size or load capacity system does my home need?
  2. Is current ductwork usable?
  3. Is the new system energy efficient, and what is the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER)?
  4. Are there any rebates or tax credits available for my system purchase?
  5. What is the timetable for the installation, and what guarantees do you offer?

Builder’s will be happy to answer all of those questions and more when you choose us for a system installation estimate. Call us today to get started!