Four Reasons to Schedule Your Evaporative Cooler Shutdown

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Four Reasons to Schedule Your Evaporative Cooler Shutdown

When fall is in the air it’s time to root for your favorite football team AND schedule your evaporative cooler shutdown with Builders Heating & Air Conditioning. These coolers aren’t like an air conditioner that you just turn the switch off. We have four very good reasons why you should have our professionals handle the shutdown process for you.

Protect against damage to the system

Inside a swamp cooler are many moving parts, most of them made of metal. Any standing water, or water from winter rain and snow, can cause rust and corrosion. During an evaporative cooler shutdown, we will completely drain the system and we strongly recommend you cover the cooler during the winter. 

Avoid damage & costly repairs

The shutdown procedure is vital for seasonal maintenance to prevent problems in the spring. If the pump and water lines are not completely drained, freezing water will cause major damage. The last thing you want in the spring is expensive repairs to fix burst pipes or a cracked pump. 

Cleanliness is important

Like nearly every mechanical system, dirt and dust are enemy number one when it comes to causing wear and tear. During the process of shutting down your swamp cooler we will clean it thoroughly. It is also another reason why we recommend covering it for the winter.

Protect the warranty

Winterization by a professional will ensure the warranty stays in effect. Many manufacturers can and will void the warranty if they determine the swamp cooler has not been properly maintained. The last thing you want is to get stuck with a large repair bill because the warranty won’t cover it.

The time is now & here’s why

Now that we’ve established the importance of a professional evaporative cooler shutdown remember timing is everything. The swamp cooler has kept your Denver, CO home or business cool through the hot summer but you don’t want to wait too long to shut it down for the season. We know how quickly snow and cold can invade our favorite mountains. If the cold arrives before you take care of shutting down a swamp cooler it can result in serious damage to the unit.

Make the call to Builder’s

Call now and schedule your evaporative cooler shutdown and any other seasonal maintenance you need. Just one more way we’ve been keeping Denver, CO and its suburbs comfortable since 1950.