Fighting Back-to-School Germs & Fall Allergies

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The back to school sales are in full swing. Moms and dads may complain about the cost, but there’s a pretty good chance they’re also excited. Summers are great, but parents appreciate a little peace and quiet when the house empties out for another school year.

What parents aren’t excited about is what the kids will bring home with them besides homework. Germs and bugs. Builder’s Heating & Air Conditioning is ready to help you deal with that, along with any other seasonal indoor air quality (IAQ) issues in Denver.

Five Things You Might Not Know About Fall Allergies:

  • Ragweed is the biggest allergy trigger in the fall. Most people who are allergic to spring plants also react to ragweed.
  • Hay fever has nothing to do with hay, but is a sign you may be allergic to ragweed, mold, or pollens in the fall air.
  • Children back in school are exposed to various allergens from other students.
  • Raking leaves can stir up mold and pollen which get on your skin and clothes.
  • Some foods trigger allergies because they have proteins similar to what’s found in ragweed. Bananas, tomatoes, melons, and chamomile tea can aggravate allergies.

We recommend three steps to assure you and your family are breathing healthy air:

  1. Whole house filtration:
    1. 1-Inch fiberglass filter (not recommended)
      1. Minimum filtration of just the largest particles
      2. Needs to be changed every month
    2. Pleated high efficiency
      1. Larger surface area
      2. Captures microscopic particles
      3. Replaced less often (6-12 months)
    3. Electronic air cleaners
      1. Most effective
      2. Metal filter can be washed & reused
      3. Best investment for anyone with severe allergies or asthma

Builder’s has various products available depending upon a customer’s specific allergies and requirements.

  1. Humidifiers:
    1. Dry air causes several problems
      1. Dry noses
      2. Scratchy throats & itchy skin
      3. Static shock

In our dry Colorado climate, achieving proper humidity levels requires a humidifier. There are three types of humidifiers. Which one we install is dependent on your home, and how the humidifier will be used. Builder’s carries the Honeywell and Aprilaire brands, each with a 5-year warranty.

  1. Ultraviolet treatment systems:
    1. Purify the air
      1. Used in hospitals, nursing homes, and restaurants
      2. Disinfects & prevents spread of germs
      3. Kills 87% of bacteria

There can be different opinions about the best way to attack the problem, but the experts all agree; indoor air pollution is a very real health concern. Call Builder’s Heating & Air Conditioning to talk about a plan to keep your family healthy during this back to school and fall allergy season.