Don’t Let a Cold House Ruin the New Year

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Here it is, a brand-new year. In reality, January is pretty much the start of winter, but some of you may already be ready for the cold weather to end. Maybe it’s because your home’s heating system isn’t doing the job. Builder’s has been handling Denver’s heating and air conditioning problems since 1950 and we can help.

There can be many reasons why you are dealing with what seems to be cold air coming out of your heating vents. We’re not going to insult your intelligence, but there is an old saying; Many times, it’s the simple things that are causing the problem:

  • Your heat is not “instant on”
    • It’s surprising the number of people who think there should be warm air coming out of a vent within seconds after turning the heat on. Just like you sometimes have to wait for hot water to come out of your faucet, you have to wait for the warm air to move through your ducts.
  • Take a good look at the thermostat
    • The next common, but simple reason that a heating system won’t work is an incorrectly set thermostat. The new programmable thermostats take some study of the owner’s manual to make sure you’re using them correctly. There could also be some “thermostat warfare” going on. I know this couldn’t possibly happen in your home, but sometimes a spouse or significant other turns the heat down without telling the other person. Especially after the holiday shopping bills start coming in.
  • Ductwork issues
    • If you can visually inspect the ducts, look for obvious leaks where you might be losing warm air. A word of caution, many times this calls for going into your attic. It might be smarter to let one of our Builder’s technicians handle this. We would hate to see you put a foot through your ceiling because of a misstep.
  • Pilot lights (if you have a gas furnace)
    • The pilot light is a small gas flame used to ignite the burner when the heat comes on. If the pilot light goes out, the burner won’t work. If you feel comfortable relighting a pilot, go ahead and do it. But gas appliances are nothing to fool with, so you might want to call us.

There is one other thing worth mentioning here. If you have an electric heat pump, the air coming out of the vents can often feel cool. Heat pumps “squeeze” existing heat out of the air instead of using energy to warm the air. The result is the conditioned air is just a few degrees above your thermostat setting, so the air can often feel cool. Most heat pumps have an emergency heating device to help during really cold weather. If it’s not working, the heat pump may not be able to keep your house comfortable.

We want to make sure your new year gets off to a good start. If your system is literally blowing cold air or not keeping your home comfortably warm, then it’s time to call Builder’s so we can talk about heating repair in Denver, CO. Our licensed technicians have the knowledge to fix any problem and make sure you once again have warm air coming out of your vents. Winter really can be a great time to enjoy Colorado, but we know that’s tough to do in a cold house. It’s why we want you to depend on us for all of your Denver heating repairs.