Designer Comfort Is A Must

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Designer Comfort Is A Must

Uneven cooling can be cured when you “get out of the box” and look to alternative solutions to keep your home and business comfortable.

Poor air circulation is the leading cause of discomfort due to hot and cold spots in many Denver homes and businesses that Builder’s Heating & Air Conditioning work with. Ductwork issues often being the culprit. In some cases, it goes back to an improper installation. Unfortunately, there are HVAC companies doing business that are not professionally trained in important aspects of the industry, such as air balancing and duct design, leaving them unable to create custom solutions for 100% Guarantee Satisfaction in comfort.

Did you know the state of Colorado does not require any kind of license to perform HVAC work? That is why it’s really important to do your research and know who you are doing business with when you need help with an AC repair, a heating system installed, or when you are ready to condition a new space.

The first thing our experts will do is a thorough inspection to check for leaks and kinks that may reduce air flow. It’s also critical the ducts are the right size for your system. Ductwork problems can easily cause a central air conditioner to lose as much as 30% of its efficiency as the conditioned air is moved from one end of the house to the other. Especially with some of the older homes built without an AC unit, it is not just as simple as adding a condenser and coil. Detailed calculations have to be done in order to determine the proper sizing. There may be several heating and cooling solutions used to achieve even temperatures throughout the interior.

You know another way of spelling decreased efficiency, right? It’s spelled $$$$$$$$, as in higher monthly bills because your HVAC system is having to work overtime. Builder’s professional technicians can almost always correct any problems found with the original installation to ensure a very efficient system. In fact, no installation is complete without multiple tests and calibrations being done to ensure optimum performance.

Another solution for uneven heating and cooling is zoning. Dampers are installed in the ductwork and controlled by separate thermostats. It’s a way of delivering more or less conditioned air to a specific area in the house.

With the ever-larger homes being built, it’s a real challenge to make sure all of the square footage receives the proper amount of conditioned air. There are cases where the only viable solution is adding a supplemental system.

Builder’s recommends a ductless air conditioner, also called ductless mini split heat pumps. The air handler delivers conditioned air directly to a room or area in the home. The unit is usually mounted on a wall. As many as 4 air handlers, each with its own thermostat, can be connected to one outdoor condenser. Builder’s features mini splits from Mitsubishi, a recognized leader in the industry.

Let the years of experience and quality that Builder’s Heating & Air Conditioning offers take your indoor comfort to the next level with custom designer comfort.