Common Air Conditioner Issues to Look Out For

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Common Air Conditioner Issues to Look Out For

Your air conditioner is key to you feeling comfortable and safe in your home. High temperatures outdoors can lead to dangerously high temperatures indoors, especially without ventilation. We all rely on cooling systems to make us feel comfortable, relaxed, and soothed from the outdoor air. But when our systems do not work properly, we will feel desperate for a solution.

There are many options for air conditioner repair in Denver so that your system can get back to cooling properly. There are a few common problems that air conditioners may face. Here are a few of these issues for which you should be on the lookout. Whether the cause of the problem is poor installation, improper maintenance, or just an aging machine, one of these problems will likely arise during the lifetime of your air conditioning unit:

  • Electrical failure happens because air conditioners turn on and off frequently and for a long time. The electrical contacts and connection points can wear out due to natural corrosion. If electrical failure happens, the entire system will not function. It will neither operate nor make any noise. If electrical failure only effects the outside energy source, though, then the air conditioner may continue to blow hot air. The unit itself will operate off its internal energy source, but the outside source will not power the air compressor, which helps to cool the air.
  • Drainage problems can happen during humid weather. The air conditioner’s drain may clog or not drain properly, leading to a backup of fluid.
  • On very hot days, your air conditioner will need to work its hardest. Like a muscle that gives out from overworking it, your air conditioner may stop suddenly on a hot day. This may be because the high-pressure limit switch has tripped. It will need to be reset in order to run properly again. Like an electrical failure, the system will not operate and will not make noise.

If any of these problems occur with your system, seek out professional AC repair rather than attempting to fix the unit by yourself. There could be a serious problem you will not have the training to safely and effectively fix.