Chiller Maintenance Can Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

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Chiller Maintenance Can Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

If you see workers in your office sweating at their desks, then we need to talk. Builder’s Heating & Air Conditioning wants to remind you that uncomfortable workers aren’t productive workers. It’s the time of year when the cooling systems in your business are being stressed to the max. The temperature has been hot for several weeks and we are now in the dog days of summer.

Denver’s Hottest Temperature Ever Recorded

  • 105℉
  • August 8, 1878
  • July 20, 2005

It’s important that you realize the difference between residential heating and cooling and commercial hvac units in Denver.  Home systems are typically getting small, but regular breaks. Thermostats are turned up while people are at work. Many homes in Denver and the suburbs are able to shut the AC off and open the windows while sleeping because of our cool nights.

Generally speaking, those are not viable options when it comes to cooling and heating in most commercial applications. When you are dealing with thousands of square feet rather than hundreds, you can’t let the heat in the building rise, even if it is empty overnight. It takes too long to cool it down again the next day. Commercial buildings simply aren’t designed for opening windows to let in the cool night air.

The chillers that many businesses use to cool their building can be running practically nonstop this time of year. The best way to make sure they are up to the challenge is with routine maintenance. Sure, it’s an investment, but think of the consequences. Downtime and loss of productivity are your enemy. If you add up the costs from a cooling system breakdown, it will make the cost of a maintenance call look pretty reasonable. Here are just a few of the items requiring regular maintenance on commercial chillers:

  • Tubes cleaned and maintained
  • Controls inspected & calibrated
  • Optimize refrigerant charge
  • Regularly change oil

Call Builder’s Heating & Cooling now to schedule your chiller maintenance or any other HVAC need. Our only goal is to keep you comfortable as we roll through the dog days of summer. It’ what we’ve been doing for homes and businesses in Denver and the suburbs since 1950.