Add Some Luxury to Your Life & Home

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Add Some Luxury to Your Life & Home

What are the luxuries you enjoy the most? A car with heated leather seats? A gigantic ultra-high definition TV? A killer sound system for listening to your favorite music? Builder’s Heating & Air Conditioning thinks there’s something else you can move to the top of the list. Radiant floor heating and radiant snow and ice melting systems.

The easiest definition of radiant heat is you are not heating the air directly. Instead, you are heating an object, in this case, the floor, and the heat radiates through the room warming other objects and transferring the heat to the air. It’s the same principle as the warmth you feel on your face from the sunshine streaming through the window. The most common form in homes is hydronic radiant heat, meaning a system of pipes installed under the floor carries warm water. The water is most often heated by a high-efficiency boiler. Radiant heat comes with many advantages:

  • Different rooms can be set to different temperatures
  • There are no noisy fans or blowers
  • No blowing air carrying dust & allergens

For some, the most important advantage is the feeling of luxury. The floor under your bare feet is always warm, no matter how cold it is outside. Additionally, radiant heat is generally more efficient than forced air heating because there is no heat loss from the ductwork.

The same type of system can be installed as a snowmelt system. The buried pipes or electrical elements give you a heated driveway, parking lot, and sidewalks. Imagine the feeling of being able to hang up that snow shovel permanently. Snowmelt systems make your property much safer, and reduce the likelihood of facing slip and fall liability lawsuits.

If you’re among the lucky ones who already have radiant heat, do not forget about regular maintenance. It’s easy to let it slide because the system works so quietly, you forget it’s even there. You don’t have to worry about fans and blowers and changing filters, but the boilers require regular maintenance for safe operation, and water treatments are necessary to prevent corrosion.

So, as much as you enjoy your car, TV, and audio system, call Builder’s Heating and Air Conditioning now to learn more about the ultimate luxury of radiant heating. Just one more way we’ve been keeping Denver and the suburbs comfortable since 1950.