4 Ways to Stay Cozy This Winter

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4 Ways to Stay Cozy This Winter

Just because the weather outside is freezing cold with the temperature seeming to drop by the second doesn’t mean you have to feel chilled all the time. With some tweaks to your lifestyle and your wardrobe, you can stop seeing winter as the enemy and start embracing it for all its good points. With that in mind, here are 4 ways to stay cozy and enjoy the winter.

Dress the Part

Winter is a great season for accessorizing. Hats, beanies, and scarves come in a wide variety of fashion forward designs and styles, making winter a great time to redefine your new style. Winter accessories can be worn indoors or out, so no need to feel self-conscious walking through the store with your adorable winter beanie and scarf.

Seal It Up Tight

One of the reasons that your house gets cold in the first place is often because of drafts. If you find yourself sleeping in a cold bed every night and find it difficult to warm up during the day, despite having the thermostat set at a high temperature, take a look around your house. See if you can find any gaps or cracks in your window frames or in the weather stripping around your doors. Repair these right away or replace the stripping to keep the warm air in and the cold out.

Get Creative with Heat

Turning the thermostat up is not the only way to generate heat in your home. For example, baking a batch of cookies in the oven will warm up your kitchen quick and serves two purposes—keeping you warm while filling your belly with deliciousness! Who can say no to that win-win?

Find Someone to Love

Finding someone to snuggle on a cold winter’s night can be a great way to keep warm during the winter and we don’t just mean another person. Your snuggle buddy doesn’t have to be a significant other (although it certainly can be). The wintertime is a great time to adopt a dog or cat, and they probably would be even warmer and snugglier than another person anyway. No need to turn up the heating in Denver when you have your own four-legged space heater.